Doug Hammond Tentett
Kronenzeitung, 27. Mai 2009


"This is a dream band"
Passauer Neue Presse May 25, 2009


"Das ist eine Traum-Band"
Passauer Neue Presse 25.Mai 2009


An Adventure in Sound and Vision
jazzzeit No. 78, May/June 2009


Ein Abenteuer in Klang und Vision
jazzzeit Nr. 78, Mai/Juni 2009


Doug Hammond
Saarbrücker Zeitung, Friday, November 14, 2008, by Stefan Uhrmacher


"The Ricocheter" - Jazzthing
Number 73 - April/May 2008 (engl.)


"Querschläger" - Jazzthing
Querkopf und Freigeist - Jazzthing, Ausgabe 2008


"A Real Deal" - Jazztimes
Undertones from the December 2007 issue


"A Real Deal" - Die Presse
Trommeldichter - DIE PRESSE 31.01.2008


Doug Hammond Solo-CD, Special feature Kirk Lightsey


"A Real Deal" - popjoy.com
A legend's back! Tribe records founder Doug Hammond is offering 10 new songs ...


"A Real Deal" - Boomcat
... a solo format with swinging drums and odd, self-help, pep-talk type lyrics


Sonic Pages Vienna
Vol. 1 / Nr.5 Sonic Pages Vienna 2008 - Interview


"A real Deal" - UK Vibe
A welcome return


The Most Tender Drum Solo
"Die Presse", a daily newspaper from Vienna, Austria November 14, 2007 (engl.)


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