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The first time seeing you forced me
To immediately look away
For it was clear there is magnetism between us,
Drawing so strongly and without caring
For our wishes to remain a bit aloof
Your smile melted my wish and your walk
Was an introduction to a new song.
But the main melody has to come
Through hearing your laughter
As the song will be my plea
That an orchestra of birds must passionately deliver.
Yet we still hesitate to simply kiss
Remembering the pain of recent trials of love.
We know,
We know our closeness is forever.
And because of knowing
Our presence together makes an atmosphere
Too lovely to deny.
No one would believe we would work
Yet, all enjoy our togetherness.
No one wants to realize you are woman
As your age seems to tell another story.
Many say I am crazy
But what many don't know
Is that I'm "crazy over you".

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